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Wildly Sexy Dares
Wildly Sexy Dares
The Game of Naughty Adventures for couples who think they've done it all

Try all three levels of play if you dare.

How do you play?  Surprise your partner day or night by performing racy capers that you select from 150 game cards concealed in a beautifully crafted boudoir kit. Points are awarded for successfully completing each Dare and DoubleDare.
Players whose dynamism knows no bounds will also be tempted by special Bonus dares not for the faint of heart! 

The action heats up over weeks or months, so you'll never know what your lover might be cooking up next.

What makes Wildly Sexy DaresTM unique?

Our beautifully styled game box is designed for your boudoir WildlySexy DaresTM is presented in a decorative boudoir kit that is ideal for a dresser or bedside table. Cards are placed for easy reference and safekeeping in the attractive molded tray. Stylish doors latch closed for privacy. Carved solid-maple markers track players' points on a sleek scoreboard. 

A wild and daring game for couples who are ready to get outrageously sexy in and out of the bedroom.  This game is played over a period of weeks or months, however long it takes to complete the scorecard by reaching 1000 points.  Partners often surprise each other by completing the dares when least expected, the dares come in 3 levels, Mild, Hot, and Extra Spicy for Him and Her. The goal of the game is to complete the level you are on as quickly as you can and move on to the next level.  The Mild level is 200 points, the Hot level is 500 points, and the Extra-Spicy level is 1000 points.  The first player to complete 1000 points is the winner of the game. 

Sample cards...
Dare (5 points): Bake a cake in the shape of a female nude. Ice it to perfection.
Double Dare (+10 points): Hide a naughty surprise between the layers.

Dare (10 points): Play “Twister-in-the-Buff” with your partner, just for laughs. Anyone who fails must remove one article of clothing before continuing.
Double Dare (+15 points): Describe your twisted adventure while dining out with couple friends. Ask them if they’ve ever tried it. Bonus: (+20 extra points) …if they ask to borrow your Twister mat.

Dare (15 points): Visit a movie theater together and sit away from the crowd. During the film, discreetly reach under your skirt and tug down your panties. Slip them into your partner’s hand without looking at him or whispering a word.
Double Dare (+20 points): Do it with a complete stranger seated next to you.