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The Card Game For Lovers
The Card Game For Lovers
Ask your lover to express 3 wishes. Choose one and satisfy it."

TheCard Game for Lovers sets the scene for fun and romantic interludes for you and your lover. It offers your relationship a change of pace by altering your routine and adding spice to your love life.

The goal for lovers who play The Card Game for Lovers is to experience sensuous desire, secret wants and fantasy dreams.

The Card Game for Lovers is for lovers who want Sensuous adventure, love and romance.  "Create a sexual scene. You play the main character. Your lover plays the supporting role."

Intimate giving and receiving: "Demonstrate something you would like your lover to do to you by doing it to your lover."
Sexual fun: "Kneeling one behind the other, make yourselves comfortable and make love."

In The Card Game for Lovers, both players win as you discover more about yourself, your lover and the intimate relationship you share.

The Card Game for Lovers contains 54 cards.

Complete instructions included in the game.