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Strip Chocolate
Strip Chocolate
As seen in Redbook Magazine!

Moveover, strip poker! Strip Chocolate, the ultimate game of sensual pleasure, takes the classic premise to new heights. Your clothes will come off. The chocolate will go on. Play by the rules and everyone wins!

Hungry for more details? As you move your game pieces around the board, you'll strip off articles of clothing, paint chocolate designs on your partner's exposed body parts, lick the chocolate off and perform "dares" -- which may entail hugging, kissing, dancing naked or barking like a dog! Although the game ends when one player has completely stripped, you can opt for "extended play", which we'll leave to your imagination. A fun, sexy and very tasty way to spend a romantic evening!

Game includes two flavors of chocolate body frosting (Original Sin Chocolate and Wild Cherry Chocolate), two paint brushes, game board, two game pieces (more can play if desired), dice, game cards and an instruction sheet.